Rally Digest #54 (December 13, 2021)
Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project, NFTs, Influencers, and Crypto Projects.
Rally Digest #54 (December 13, 2021)
Rally Digest #54 (December 13, 2021)
Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project, NFTs, Influencers, and Crypto Projects.

New Creators:

World TeamTennis/ $WTT

World TeamTennis is the ultimate in professional team tennis competition — with men and women competing together and contributing equally, WTT is a whole different racket. The World TennisToken is your ticket to get even closer to the action and gain access to exclusive content, NFT’s, merchandise, experiences and more.

Jarvis Landry/ $JUICE

Jarvis Landry is a five-time pro bowl Cleveland Browns wide receiver. Outside of the football field, Jarvis has a multitude of interests such as online gaming, creating content, and giving back to his local community.

Gaara/ $GAARA

Gaara is a professional gamer and variety streamer focused on strategy games. The coin will facilitate the economies of each of these Niche game communities whether that be paying for and gating community produced/owned content — tournament circuits, guides & tutorials and coaching.


ZOOLOOK is an award-winning comic book artist and writer, animator, web developer, musician, publisher, and producer. He is best known for his contribution to the flash animation community as a Flash Guru and animator.

Stonefrenge is a new media project that combines ZOOLOOK’s love of music, animation, storytelling, sci-fi, and football. ZOOLOOK invites you to be a part of Stonefrenge.

He will use the coin to offer exclusive content from Stonefrenge to his fans and followers.

Ace/ $ACE

An award-winning production company with a world-class marketing capability. ACE Content develops and produces premium original content for studios, distributors, media networks and brands including feature films, episodic television, print & publishing, digital & social and experiential/live events. $ACE Coin will be used to invite their community to participate in the creativity and culture of the company.

ShadyBunny/ $SHADY


Streamer/influencer. Streaming 8+years on Twitch.tv. Father & Husband. The coin will serve to gamify engaging, participating and contributing to his community.

Abraxas/ $ABRX

Abraxas is the world’s first Social Audio Influencer. Abraxas Higgins is a thought leader, impact influencer and social audio strategist. Abraxas is the UK’s largest and most notable Social Audio creator, boasting a Clubhouse following of 460,000.

NFT Spotlights:

$JEFF’s NFT Trade for One (1) Pulveria Genesis NFT can be used to get one Pulveria Genesis NFT posted on OpenSea. At your option, the Pulveria NFT can be sent to your account on Rally.io or transferred to a wallet connected to OpenSea.

Buy $SMRT’s NFT Exclusive access: limited edition for private access to John Koetsier’s personal Slack channel.

Check out $PLAY’s NFT collection, Loco Locals. Loco Locals are anthropomorphic local characters that represent your favorite places to live and vacation. Future utility for Loco Locals may include location-based discounts, rewards, or games!

Project News:

Updates to NFT.Rally.io

On Thursday, Rally deployed a significant UI update to NFT.Rally.io intended to make exploring, discovering and purchasing NFTs easier.

Updates included:

  • New featured section which we can dynamically update to merchandise specific NFTS, creators, and collections.
  • New filtering options that allow users to filter NFTs by listing type: buy now, open edition, and auction as well as by creator and collection.
  • We’ve changed the way multiple edition NFTs are displayed to prevent the scenario where the entire page is filled with identical NFTs.
  • We’ve made it easier to identify NFT listing type from the card view.
  • NFTs now display Coin and USD price.

Rally in the News:

Headline in the The Street
  • $PTM coin was mentioned in an article about Rally creators Portugal the Man and their initiative to release their newest single “this is fine” as an NFT.
  • $MEGA was covered in popular financial news outlet The Street.

Industry News:

  • Meta Platforms, or the company formerly known as Facebook, is tweaking its tipping feature, giving fans a badge next to their names if they’ve tipped creators. It also added more functionality to live streams, allowing creators to drop in external links, polls, and broadcast with other streamers. The Information (paywall) reckons the company has announced 11 creator-centric products or features this year, a sign of its struggle to attract a younger, Gen Z, audience.
  • The algorithm’s gonna getcha. Or not, as in the case of Instagram, which will offer users a reverse-chronological feed next year, replacing the algorithmically ordered one users must scroll today, The Information (paywall) reported. The algorithmic feed was launched in 2016, eventually replacing the chronological feed.
  • Discord’s testing premium memberships, which will let creators charge fans for access to their servers in return for a 10% cut, The Information (paywall) reported. This brings it in line with platforms like Patreon, which have long allowed creators to monetize by gating their communities.
  • Esports team FaZe Clan is working with the crypto payments firm MoonPay, The Information (paywall) reported. The payment firm will be FaZe Clan’s official crypto and NFT partner. The esports outfit is going public at a valuation of around $1 billion later this year.
  • Applications have opened for Seed Club’s fourth cohort. The social and community tokens accelerator has seen surging growth in its applications. The third batch attracted notable projects like hipster music player Poolsuite FM (which sold NFTs after graduating to Diplo, Alexis Ohanian and others), Russian art activists Pussy Riot, music-tech research DAO Water and Music, and the DAO with an ambition to buy an NBA team Krause House.
  • The venerable publication The Atlantic ran a piece on social tokens by Index Ventures investor Rex Woodbury, who we’ve highlighted here before. It takes you from Alex Masmej’s story of launching $ALEX to the booming creator economy and why social tokens could revolutionize music, art, and much else.