10 Marketing Steps You Can't Afford to Miss Workbook



What is this eBook all about?

10 free simple steps to take your marketing from a complete mess, to a strategic process !

My name is Kalei Poteat and I’m going to teach you how to set up the same marketing plan that I use for my top clients!

I’ve worked with some pretty dope companies over my 10 years of marketing experience, but when I first started I felt as lost as you do now!
Here are the 10 things that I wish I had known then, that I want to give to you for free!
Download this workbook and I will save you not only
tens of thousands of dollars
but more importantly years of trial and error


What will you learn in this FREE e-Book?

  • Research for creating a Marketing Strategy - valued at $997
  • ​Building an Action Plan - valued at $497
  • ​​Competitive Research - valued at $249
  • ​​How to be better than your competitors - valued at $99
  • ​​Implementing Sequences (Organic then Paid) - valued at $497
  • ​​Building a sound business plan - valued at $249
  • ​​The Tools needed to run your own Marketing department - valued at $99

Total Value = $2,675

Total Cost = FREE