PROJECT 808 Stock Options 101 (E-Book)

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Kalei Poteat unveils his unique methodology for options trading

Options provide a high leverage approach to trading that can significantly limit the overall risk of a trade or provide additional income. Yet, many people fail to capitalize on this potentially lucrative opportunity because they mistakenly believe that options are risky. Now Kalei helps aspiring investors to enter this sector by explaining the principles of the options market and showing readers how to utilize calls and puts successfully.

  • Option's trader, Kalei Poteat, demystifies the basics of options trading

  • Debunks the myth that call purchases are synonymous with being bullish and that put purchases are bearish

  • Lays out in detail two distinct proprietary trading plans readers can follow

  • Explains how to trade using market maker techniques and tricks from the trading floor to help with his probabilities in options trading