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Do you know you can WIN more of the trades that you put on by using the 1-Minute to Multi-Day VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) or Scanners as a system and strategy that helps you identify when to get in and out of a position? Do you ever wonder why you make good amounts of gains, only to give it all back? Here's the secret: People have not invested into Mentorship or Coaching. There’s a Difference between those who’ve been trained by Chicago Board Exchange Veterans rather than YouTube University. Let me explain: To grasp trading with true clarity, you must learn the Foundations from the floor up, but it’s like Baking a Cake. You need the right ingredients, in the right order. Baking the cake without following the proper steps, will only cause a mess. A blown-up account is a headache or not reaching your monthly income goals is a headache. The big question on my clients’ minds is...how I can make trading easier so that I can extract funds at will. Many clients come to me frustrated and ready to find freedom and change their lives. They’ve found a real passion for trading and are looking for a way to do it full time.

I've been focusing on why beginning traders are having such a hard time, and even compared it to what gave me the biggest obstacles learning. After finding the right coaches and mentors to teach me mindset, multiplication, and money management, I gained the ability to create time for myself to begin showing others the same process I went through to overcome my losing streaks.

It took me 18 months, blowing up accounts at least a dozen times to understand what I was doing wrong but I have finally perfected how to define the right set-up and want to share my 4 years of studying Personal Assets with you.

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