VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) Basic Training

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This Is Why It Works

Before I explain why this method works most of the time, I need to first explain what does not work. First of all we are day traders, not investors, that means we are in and out of trades that sometimes last less than a minute or two, and then there are other times that trades make take all day to meet our predefined objectives, but rarely do we hold over nights and extended long or short positions.

Very little of our trading strategies are based on fundamental analysis and market sentiment, because more times than not the products we are trading are simply making short lived algorithmic moves based on our primary key technical indicators.

Our number one objective above all else is to exercise controlled risk management, and for the most part our strategy is aimed at teaching you to become a patient and disciplined trader by minimizing the urge and the need to over trade. By seeking only those highly actionable trades that fit our specific patterns, clearly defining our entries, exits, and stops, we have proven time and time again that trading this strategy can be very profitable. We may at times have an unorthodox approach to what we do and how we teach our trading strategy, but believe me you will not find another environment like ours to learn to trade in.

A good portion of what we offer in addition to all the technical analysis aspects of trading is the psychological aspects of trading, again, we are day traders, we have all been where you are right now, looking for an edge, looking for some guidance, and looking to just stop loosing money.