Private Profits: Foundations of Stocks

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  • The modern stock market is more efficient than ever at providing investment opportunities to individual investors. But the quantity of information required to capture those opportunities becomes almost overwhelming at times. How does an individual know what information is most important?  What information will fuel the performance of investments and drive prices higher?
  • This course is designed to help individual stock investors figure that out. The course will lead you through an understanding of the key dynamics that move modern markets. 
  • You’ll learn about cycles, sectors, and the forces of supply and demand that move stock prices up or down. You’ll learn key ideas that can help you improve your understanding of what you see in the financial news each day. You’ll learn what to focus on, what to ignore, and to meet your own objectives for investing in stocks. 
  • In short, you’ll learn how to become a better stock market investor. So let’s get started.